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When it comes to needless waste, nothing beats food packaging. In the U.S., roughly two-thirds of total packaging waste comes from the cardboard and plastic found in food packages. However, one Massachusetts startup is trying to change that, albeit in a rather roundabout way.

WikiFoods is the brainchild of professor David Edwards, designer Francois Azambourg, and biologist Don Ingber, and explicitly hopes to "reinvent packaging."

The Cambridge-based company has developed a form of edible food packaging called Wikipearls that replicate the skin found on fruits and vegetables.

The membrane developed by WikiFoods is impermeable and washable.
In many ways Wikipearls strongly resemble the outer layer of mochi ice cream. But unlike that delicious treat, the membrane developed by Wikifoods is impermeable and washable.

Date: 10/12/2014
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