Guarantee Rules

Made of best materials and produced with the latest production technology, our standard products are guaranteed for 24 months from the date of production.

Guarantee Terms

1- In order to receive guarantee services it is necessary for the customer to present the guarantee sheet.

2-Atfer the guarantee period, all necessary repair services will be offered only in exchange of Electro Steel’s predefined costs.

3-The product shall be delivered and installed by Electro Steel’s authorized agents otherwise there will be no guarantee coverage. (Towns with no authorized agents are excluded from the above mentioned term)

4-Prodcut's defects shall be affirmed by Electro Steel’s authorized technicians in order to be eligible for guarantee services.

5-The Guarantee is not applicable in the following cases:

  • Not following the instructions mentioned in the product’s manual 
  • The serial number and date of production are either altered or missed 
  • Damages caused by strike, improper transposition, crash, fire, power fluctuations, unexpected incidents, unauthorized tampering and any losses occurring to the compressor tubes

6-Parts of the product that are not subjected to the guarantee commitments:

  • all interior parts such as shelves, plastic components, lamp,… 
  • any damages to the inside and outside body of cabin and doors 

Below rules shall be followed by the users:

1-The required electricity voltage for our products is 220-240 V and this shall be observed for the product to operate properly.

2-The product must not be installed close to heaters, humidifiers or in direct sun-light.

3-For installation it is necessary to observe the standard distance between the product and wall or cabinet.

4-For product’s better operation it is recommended to place a wooden base under the device.

Electro steel company preserves the right to make any changes in design or manufacturing process of its new products with no commitments to do the same for its old products.