About “electro steel”

Electro Steel is a leading company with over 45 years of experience in manufacturing refrigeration appliances. It operates in a 200,000 square meter area with 100,000 square meter production halls and warehouses.  Electro Steel, with over 3000 labor force, is able to produce 30,000 cold-rooms and industrial refrigerators and freezers as well as 500,000 home refrigerators and freezers annually. We have an independent engineering department and R&D with 60 active members and also have various patents and certificates:

- Numerous inventions in home appliances (we have patented 3 new inventions within last 6 months)

- The only license holder of accredited home and industrial laboratories in east of Iran equipped with the most modern technology with 17 stations to run tests on home and industrial appliances.

- Planning and producing different condensers and evaporators using the latest software and machineries inside Electro Steel and also by its subsidiaries including Hami Sanat Group and Negin Sanat.