Investment in different types of portfolio become a strategy made by the main holding company (Electrosteel co.) to Establish a company named as ARYA BARON in 2004 with the goal of entering the construction market in brand new technology of light raw material .
After a while the valuable achievements of this member of the group leads it to one well known manufacturer of light structures not just inside the country but even abroad.
The 270 persons were amounted as direct working labor in this installation industry.
The ARYABARON group has managed to get the TUV & SGS certificate simultaneously.


Let’s get familiar to some products of this member of the holding such as :
- Roof PolyurethaneSandwich panels with variable types of pattern and sizes by pre painted Aluminum or Galvanized sheets.
- Wall sandwich panels with two cover side by Fiberglass sheet & plaster.
- I.C.F. Pieces.
- 3D walls
- Prefixed Ceiling made of P.V.C. , A.B.C. and E.P.S.
- Decorative Polyurethane wall stickers for internal view and external frontage.
Fixed and mobile shelters for mentioned below purposes:
- Outside and inside Control Posts
- Guard shelter towers with full equipment’s and security facilities.
- Mosque and Camps
- Control tower or control rooms
- Offices
- Washrooms and Bathrooms
- Base shelter for disasters such as earthquake or flood and flux.
- Communication BTS
- Mobile Bakery
- Fixed or mobile shops and warehouses. - Bus stops.
- Water pumping stations.
- 1 or 2floor prefixed light structure totally by beads and screw
And so many other products.

Hamisanaat group


Using the 40 years of experience of Mohammad zade industrial group, the main holding company decided to establish a new company named as Hamisanaat group in 2008 in order to cover all specific requirements to produce Plastic parts, wire harnesses, standard smart electronic Boards and different types of metal sheet for internal raw material usage and even the aftermarket needs.
The Hamisanaat company known as exemplar industrial unit in 2010 also was elected as job entrepreneur of the year among all Islamic republic of Iran industry society.
This particular member of the group is working with more than 200 person as the expert labor.
Operating with high quality machinery with the origin made of U.S.A. , Germany , Korea and China can be mentioned as distinguishable advantages leading the targets to much more beneficiary out puts .

- Plastic parts 7200Mt annually
- Metal sheets 7000Mt annually
- Wire harnesses 500000 piece annually
- Smart electronic Boards
All used in Home appliance industry that can be expanded in capacity of production and quality just in case.



The main holding company known as ELECTROSTEEL Co. decided to establish another member for the holding to cover the other requirement in order to localize very important parts which was imported from Other countries with the target of maximizing the Delivery index and beneficiary that aimed the other parallel target that was saving more that 4 million $ annually in 2009.
Labor cooperating with this unit was amounted 100 direct workers .

- Different type of Evaporator
- Different type of No frost condensers
- Different type of condensing Unit for frig
- E.T.C. for home / industry / shops and market appliance .