history of activity

So we've been here like a vast tree which thickness roots are on the ground safe and warm and the young sprouts Side of the head to the sky .it's all an intact mystery, wondrous mystery of survival; Electro Steel secret.!

Transition via history implies in the final solar years, forty decades Electro Steel joined to industry carrousel/cycle strong, stable and hopeful Getting started with industrial products, show case …

Today, this part of the activity with a daily production of more than 100 different products suit to your needs, fulfill many special requests with customized products like reliable brands in the world

In 1360 was created new horizon in trade policy in the field of branding under the choice of "Electro Steel" as a brand and since then continued its activities with the name of "Electro Steel"
Login new technology no frost (no frost refrigerator) had prompted the company to offer this technology in the manufacturing process used by domestic manufacturers of household refrigerators and freezer on that time, a new step is taken in this field of activity, But since this proposal wasn't welcomed by domestic producers, we decided to produce the modern generation of cooling products by ourselves.

In pursuit of this high aim and in 1376 produced the first no frost refrigerator and freezer home appliance as new ones, benefiting from past experience, since then with the development of these activities could have a significant contribution in providing customer needs to acquire such goods shall Electro Steel thinks to get peace; we're on your side