Bulletin of fame

For success is not end. Reach to the success is not important but movement in the road of efflorescence is important.Electrosteel after forty years experience trying to be star in this way.
In this road, Electro steel got many achievements which show correctness of movement in this road. Continues efforts for quality improvement & ably presence in the field of science & technology are another effective step for self-esteem.
The name of this successful industrial group will be remain as golden leaves in constant industry
Some wards of Electro steel such as certificates & tandis are mentioned as below

2012 year-Superior manufacturing unit in the field of manufacturing & industry
2011 year-Top entrepreneurs in the national manufacturing year -support from Iranian work & wealth.
2009 year-Honored by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mines of Iran
2008 year-superior Industrial unit, praised by the Ministry of Industries and Mines
2007 year-Innovation & prosperity of Electro steel as industrial unit
2006 year-appreciation sheet for friendly relationship with workers
2004 year- Superior manufacturing unit in developing of standard culture & development
2003 year-superior entrepreneur in khorasan province & superior industrial unit
2002 year-appreciation for participation in international exhibition
2000 year-superior manufacturing unit honored by the Ministry of Industries and Mines